📍Watkins, Colorado


Not great but am feeling blessed #LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel
Broked down in Watkins
This is what I think of the last 2 weeks of dealing with my uncle’s affairs and having to have 2 horses put down and rehome his 5mo old puppy. It’s been super hard and Alzheimer’s is no joke. He became lost on Thanksgiving night, Adams County Sheriff searched for him for several hours and we had to respond to his property at midnight with a large animal vet to deal with potentially fatal injuries to 2 horses. The horses were “ok” and didn’t have broken legs, but they had other issues. Apparently the uncle was diagnosed with the disease in July, but Kaiser didn’t contact the family. We’ve been reacting to dealing with his livestock and state of his home and property in Watkins since that night. Not pretty. He will not be going home. Please prepare for the day you aren’t prepared for. Your family wants to do the right thing for you, but if left to figure it all out, will do what they think is best. Had he just spent ONE day at a lawyer’s office, it would’ve been a huge help to us. Take care of each other. #family
Awesome day at the track, although it was a bit cold
Having a little Tuna snack between shredding it on this not so warm day in December.
Lobo pilot Dan Barr greased in the landings today, even if he was reporting Southwest instead of Cessna 😂 👨🏼‍✈️👌 Beautiful weather out in the front range, great December flying! #pilot #cessna182 #aviation #pilotlife #smoothlanding #pilotsview #generalaviation #privatepilot
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