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Pacifier Clips should be a stylish and versatile accessory— ready to match any outfit! ☁ . . #HandmadeKids #NontoxicToys #SiliconeTeether #ModernTeether #BabyTeether #TeethingRing #BabyShowerGift
Lots of hydrodermabrasion facials happening at CoR Wellness this week! 💧Improves skin hydration 💧Eliminates appearance of fine lines 💧Reduces hyperpigmentation, oil and congestion • With the help of a diamond tipped wand, our knowledgeable and experienced estheticians perform a vacuum massage that simultaneously exfoliates and hydrates the face. Gentle enough for all skin types, hydrodermabrasion increases blood circulation and improves both collagen production and skin tone. This particular facial uses water jets to even out congested, blemished, dull and discolored skin. 💦🙌🏼✨ . Link in bio to book a session!
My brother is a weirdo with the beard out oh yeah I think I’ve met
How John felt after Round 2 of today’s wod 😭😂 who’s ready to take on this short 3 minute sprint!? Think you got what it takes??? Four more options for you! 12, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 pm. See you tonight! #deadt #workout #fitness #revelnation #crossfit
Slowly creeping into design mode after making it through the first half of what I always think is the hardest month. It’s cold, it’s dark all the time, and as good as all our intentions were two weeks ago we’re already slipping toward old habits! My solution; destroying the to-do list by facing it head on every morning (and embracing black coffee because ...well...dairy is on my New Years resolutions ‘gotta-go’ list and I’m still delusional enough to think I can do it..😬#veganuary ?🤞🏼) This new piece is prototype for a new powersuit I’m working on; its a snuggly warm acrylic material with interesting details woven in like the stripes you can see around the cuff. I’m using a straight forward bodice block that I’ve already pre-fit my bust tie and adding a nice 3/4 length sleeve with the curved cuff detail I swiped from the #nightanddaydress pattern (swipe for a close-up!) Next I’m attaching a pleated wide leg pant (with pockets of course) to the waist for a no-fuss all-in-one look because mid-winter is no time for #decisionfatigue from choosing an outfit. Can’t wait to wrap this baby up so I can put it on and never take it off!! More to follow! . . . #powersuit #intheworks #newdesign #customclothing #somethingnew #madeinoklahoma #allinthedetails #januarygloom #killingthetodolist #smallbusiness #tulsatailor #privatelabel #comingsoon #therewillbepants
Birthday breakfast at The Wild Fork this morning. 77 years!! It’s always been easy for me to see my Heavenly Father as loving, gentle, compassionate, patient and delighting in me. That’s because this dad, my dad, has always been all those things to me. With each passing year I realize a little bit more how truly rare and wonderful that is. #thankful #happybirthday #lovehim #bestdadever
IT’S A PROCESS. Even for the dudes! These photos show the results of FOUR color sessions. Playing around with several different toners to find the one, treatments in between and a haircut. Be patient and trust your stylist! Hair integrity is one of our biggest concerns and we never want to do something that will compromise it.
Yesterday, Lucas and I checked out story time at a new children’s bookstore and it was absolutely incredible. Lavender’s Bleu Literacy Market is hands down the cutest bookstore I’ve ever been in and had so much to offer for my book loving little. He got to “slide” into story time, swing, go through the wardrobe into Narnia and read a few books in a teepee. If you have kids in Tulsa, take them there. #lucasgage #toddlerlife #momlife #tulsa #books #readingwithkids #kidsandbooks #bookstore #shoplocal
Fresh batch of Dilemma going on tonight. This one is Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Coffee beans. Just a few kegs, so it won’t last long! @americansolerasobo 4-9 @americansolera 5-9 . . . #americansolera #tulsa #beer
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