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#bluemonday #plantoftheday - Senecio talinoides commonly known as #Blue Senecio, Blue Fingers, Blue Ice Plant, or Blue Chalk Sticks is a fast-growing medium sized succulent groundcover in the Asteraceae family, with pencil-like grey-blue leaves forming a dense mat. Grown as a foliage plant which adds useful colour and form, it is very drought tolerant once established. Zones 9-11 Pronunciation: sen-NEESH-shee-oh tah-lye-NOI-deez #plants #nature #succulent #garden #landscape #plant #blueplants #love #photography #gardening #beautiful #naturephotography #botanical #happy #instaflower #plantnerd #plantsofinstagram #evergreen
Просто локоть, просто бицепс.
Когда офигеваешь от количества воды в своём курсаче. #невероятнополезныйхэштэг
#Venice CA USA 🇺🇸🌅
Rebel’s with a cause: We all have someone who believed in us before we believed in ourselves. For me that list is long and I’m deeply in debt. ⁣ ⁣ This is @bryan_kest who is credited with creating power yoga as a genre and pioneering donation based yoga in the United States. His business model is simple and empowering: teachers rent the space and have complete freedom and autonomy creatively. With no memberships and no obligation to pay the feedback is at its most pure. At the end of the day, the bottom line is: are people in your class. Since renting space 15 months ago, I have learned that people spend their money very truthfully; and, in the crazy competitive Los Angeles yoga community, which hosts 1400+ yoga studios, average gets you nowhere. My observations: the better the class the higher the donation; profits and losses are highly motivating; while yoga isn’t competitive, the yoga business sure as hell is, differentiate!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Any teacher friends who are Los Angeles based and want to try their hand at renting space feel free to reach out to me or @santamonicapoweryoga.
Big Unk In Cali 🌴 y’all know y’all then fucked up right 🤔😈💰
•Oh take me back to the Start 🎵• . . . #summermemories #tbt #cali2018 #ocean #santamonica #bestplacestogo
C A L I F O R N I A ☀️🌊🏄🏻‍♂️🌈 #california #ocean #superview #santamonica #sun #holiday #beach #day1 #gopro
I used to be a #DCup . My daughter took them away this July when she turned three months old 😂 I just couldn’t continue breastfeeding with all the shame and guilt. I had to get up and pump every 2-3 hours and I felt ashamed getting out of the office to go to the mother’s room. Felt like some men were looking at me like a procrastinating cow that uses her baby as an excuse for everything when I wasn’t. Anyway, today - I’m celebrating and commemorating the fabulous life I had with my D’s. Rest In Peace, Dee & Dee. Rest In Peace. I will not get a boob job because I do not need the Dee & Dee to feel feminine and sexy. I have a pretty unique sexuality and I don’t need a pair of Dee that I was not born with. I am just going to live with what I was born with. I enjoyed my life with the pair I had but now they are gone so I gotta let go LOL ALSO No more plastic surgery. (My mom told me my nose is flat and weird and took me to a plastic surgeon to get the tip of my nose “corrected”. They are still pretty flat and small and it reminds me of how many times my birth parents told me I’m not pretty enough and I could be prettier if I did A-Z.) No more plastic surgery for me. Just some laser and teeth whitening 😜🥴👌🏻
Серия фотографий под названием « Океаноэйфория» Наша группа в полосатых купальниках определенно тогда повеселила местных жителей :)) От нас летели сплошные брызги счастья 💧💧💧 #океантихий #стихияводы #люблюводу
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