📍Roys Peak


What is adventure? It’s subjective. Same destination, but different path for all. Katie and I are learning that through shared experiences we are going through the ultimate adventure together. Marriage. Whether it’s calling a new city home, overcoming our own baggage and learning to love each other when it’s the hardest, traveling, or sharing dreams of what our lives could look like... it’s all part of our own adventure. Through our adventures we slowly learn a little bit more about each other, ourselves, and what it means to be human. #royspeak #wanaka #newzealand #adventure #letlovelagrow
“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing” - don’t ever give up on your own goals, know what you want and go for it, and when you achieve them, be fucking proud of it! ⛰
Same pose. Ridiculously stunning place
Number 1 country by far 🌎
will hike for views...and snacks😋
Felt insignificant in the best possible way.
Mama sheep and baby sheep leading me to hike down with them! 😂
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