📍Revolution Bike Park - Llangynog


CANCELLATION SUNDAY 20th JAN This is the uplift track as of about 10mins ago. The bottom half of the park has thawed but the top is under a layer of freezing fog. As yesterday, if you would like to transfer your date and you know the date you’d like to come, please EMAIL info@revolutionbikepark.co.uk before 10pm tonight. Otherwise all refunds will be processed within the next 24 hours. Thanks.
Stacking and packing for a mega new project with @veroniquesandler #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
@leo.housman1 I’d be hiding my face an all, what a Colin....
The never ending clean up continues #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Not your normal bikes at Revs #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Unreal dirt on this build. Step up road gap for the start of 2019 #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
New lander taking shape #revs4evs #revolutionbikepark
Another year has gone and we’ve closed for a few weeks for a much needed rest. Massive thank you to all that have ridden on our hill this year ❤️. Thanks to all our drivers, burger van staff and @Revo_bikes for keeping things rolling. Big love to @revolembodave and baz who have helped me create everything you ride. @landylee1 for his no stop graft on the Landrover’s. My mum and Tim without them this place wouldn’t even exist. And of course @susha_revs_77 for putting up with me, all her work and being a amazing mum to Finn 😍. See you next year. Merry Xmas all James 👍👊
Last lap of the best part of ghetto went off! Or through the tape! Mega day in the nog 💦 #spokesbikeshop #gopro
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