📍North Cascades National Park


Throwback to North Cascades National Park, some of the most gorgeous views I’ve enjoyed in a while, also the only park in Washington that wasn’t mostly closed due to snow or sewage.
Throwback to a damn good (damn early) morning ✨
Mount Booker’s northeast buttress is one of the most aesthetically pure lines in North Cascades National Park. But it is far overshadowed by the northeast buttress of Mount Goode, a little less than four miles away to the northeast. They are of similar scale, but access to Booker is more complicated - meaning significantly longer. Goode is taller than Booker by nearly a thousand feet. And Booker is also perhaps diminished by another North Cascades giant, Mount Buckner, seen here at right. But it’s still highly compelling, and I’ve photographed it from this vantage point a number of times over the years. This particular image comes from an early November, 2018 photographic flight. #aerialphotography #climbing #mountains #northcascades #jaggedridgeimaging #rockclimbing #wilderness #washingtonstate
Some views from @jram_13 and I's camping trip at Colonial Creek last weekend...cold but worth it!
The beauty of this park nearly brought me to tears. Pictures do absolutely no justice. (Also, I’m loving all the cloud drama!) “The unique, intense turquoise hue of the lake's water is attributed to the surrounding glaciers that grind rocks into a fine powder that is carried into the lake through creeks. That fine powder, also called glacial flour, stays suspended in the lake, giving the water its brilliant color.” #northcascadeslove #northcascadesnationalpark #clouddrama #pnwonderland #washingtonstate #northcascadeshighway #diablolake #diablodam #howwegetourelectricity #hydroelectric #seattlecitylight
I love you.
First snow in NYC making me want sunny days again 🏔☀️ #northcascades #copperridge #backcountrylife #whycantitalwaysbesummer
we’re all alone in the northern cascades.
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