Another #night , another #flight & the #workload never ends. Everyone assumes #traveling “for your work” means your lucky and I often am asked what do you do in your free time traveling? Almost like each flight means a day of #exploring in a new place. Yah, not this #momboss 🤔 I am very thankful to have an awesome rep group who usually #spoils me with sweet seats to an #mlb game❤️ ...but aside from that if I am not with reps ( #training #dinner #meetings etc) it’s back to the hotel to work. Another all nighter sitting in the #hotel lobby in #billings #montana just trying to keep. The appointments start in a few hours with my rep, followed by many more and a 5 hour drive to sleep somewhere and get back on the computer to 100’s of emails and more... I’m usually in #tears leaving #saltlake and absolutely a #hotmess a day or 2 before leaving. I feel like a shitty Mom for leaving my girl and family and it never gets easier...just makes me feel worse. I work through the night (a lot) and especially when I know I have trips so I can spend more time with Tatum. I was able to take her with me a couple trips this summer because of my travels and #midwest growth / expansion. my parents and family have been so amazing, even traveling hours to get her so I can see her after just a few days. When you give everything to a career and you accomplish in a single year what would #literally take twice the time and 2 or 3 more executive level employees only to constantly be treated like crap has my mind blown....in many ways. 🤔😣☹️ With that said... stay tuned BUT most importantly zoom in on this #bombass #vneck 😍 #amen 👍 #hotmessexpress But #killing It and will do anything for my fam. #momboss
I wonder #rap @rapchatapp
No one is perfect. I am the farthest thing from that word. But when I met you, I felt like I could fly closer to the sun. I've never in my life met someone so selfless and caring. I can't even begin to imagine my life without her, as she has given me things that no one else ever could. Our beautiful daughter, our amazing son, and me the strength and love to carry on with this crazy life of ours. Even when I feel like it's all crashing down around me, there she is. My salvation, my strength, my heart and very soul. I never knew a man could possibly feel this way about anyone, until I laid eyes on you all those years ago, when we were both young and lost. I knew then that you would be special in my life, but I couldn't have asked for any more than what you've given me already. I love you with every fiber, every speck of life in me, and I cannot wait to get home to you again. Happy Anniversary, my beautiful, sweet, loving wife.
Busy busy B 💋✌
Shoutout to the fan that sent me this 🐐👀
While the rest are sleeping soundly, Dixie wants to play... #bluehealer #bordercollie #dixie #naughty #freckles #furbabes
Had an unbelievable urge to watch this tonight. And I think enough time has passed since I last saw it. So everything is gonna feel brand new again. But it’s the pussy ass full screen version, so I’ll be watching like a chump. That’s rookie shit. #jackass #hiimjohnnyknoxville #welcometojackass #bam #steveo #randomhero #golfcartbumpercars #theresatoycarinmybutt #mannytheanimalexpertrules #shittinginafloormodeltoilet #partyboy
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