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Christian Ravard | @reach2speak2teach is a mentor, is a backbone, is tiger incarnate in human that teaches the crow in me how to be fiercer. I have learned through the constant reminders to be my loudest self WHEREVER I am unapologetically. Confidence is what Ravard has taught me to master. To KNOW and trust who I know to be. Ravard is a P.E. Health and leadership building coach at Century Community Charter School. He is why our 8th graders learn to follow through with their potential and true self. He’s the reason why anyone around him doesn’t have an option but to BE REAL. There is no one immune to this man’s gentle power and intuitive guidance. He leads by example. Reflects and always tells it as it is. Thank you. Thank you for showing me that masculinity is not always toxic, that masculinity is love and community and building and laughter. #feihernandez #fotodrawing
Whole lotta D$C goin’ on in Cali.
Maribel Lorenzana | Mami is the first of the féi hernandez foto-drawing series. She is resiliency reincarnate. The very muscle my body moves with on planet earth. I can never forget who I am because she is my other half, more than a mirror, my sister, mother, daughter, friend all in one universe. For teaching me how to be the baddest, most hardworking bitch weak Americans fear. To being one of the loudest voices of my community. No words can explain the twin flame magic you are for me, my dearest mother @mylot66 #feihernandez #fotodrawing
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Féi’ Hernandez’ foto-drawing series is an intersectional point where photography, digital drawing, design, reimagining, and reconnection begin. From photograph to digital drawing to personalized graphic portrait, Féi reimagines portraiture through an overlay of mediums. Dissociation has been very definitive of their experience as a queer, immigrant, and their “alien status.” This Project seeks to ground their feet back into earth by honoring inspirational figures, mentors, friends, and family who have humanized their, and other’s, experiences. The process itself forces Féi to re-see their loved ones. Making eye-contact, being physically intimate, and finding the words to honor the impact of the community that has allowed for their trans-gression and trans-formation, Féi take us through this foto-drawing series. A meditation in its full production. This series, more specifically, is inspired by their post apocalyptic and magical realist written work, both prose and poetry. Féi alien-enhances the portraits and brings to life “the blue skinned,” the future of (queer) people of color. By Alien-enhancing everyone in the series we cross the borderlines of citizenship and “humanness,” and brings everyone honored to a multidimensional existence beyond green cards and walls. This first portrait commemorates my survival and resiliency. Without this body I would be nebula. And nebula in body makes magic revolution. Hello, I am Féi Hernandez. #feihernandez #fotodrawing #digitalart #photography #artistsoninstagram #poetsofinstagram #mexican #immigrant #spirituality
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