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green tea ice cream was all I wanted as dessert on my birthday after countless cakes 🤷🏼‍♀️
@fuchsiakitchen Review Part 3: Now last but not the least, let’s review my favourite most part of food i.e “DESSERT”. In desserts we had: * Bread and Butter Pudding; Served with vanilla ice-cream. The caramel sauce on it was semi-sweet and having it with ice-cream balanced it’s sweetness. * Tiramisu; It was one of the best Tiramisu I ever had despite the fact ladyfingers were overly soaked in coffee syrup. That made it over soggy. * Fudge Cake; It was scrumptious and I must say that Fuchsia Kitchen did amazing job if we talk about desserts. * Crispy Chocolate Rolls; served with Japanese green tea ice-cream was a showstopper of all the starters, mains and desserts. Nutty and Fudge chocolate sauce covered in roll, deep fried and served hot. The 3C’s, crunch, crisp and chocolate, made it worth trying. So all in all, the Fuchsia experience was astounding. From entering it’s building till paying the bill (which shows the value for money), all is worth it. It’s highly recommended
@fuchsiakitchen Review Part 2 Now coming towards main entrees. In mains we had: * Cashewnut Chicken; It tasted perfectly according to my taste buds with very little or maybe no cashews. 🤭 * Mongolian Beef; lacking the exact Mongolian characteristic i.e sweetness 🤭. It was not even little sweeter and was all spiced up. * Chicken Manchurian; It was average by taste but the typical red Manchurian color made it attractive to eat. * Wok-Fried Chicken with Holly Basil and Vegetables; The subtle peppery flavour of this dish made it compete it’s name. And the aroma of basil made me fall in love at first smell/sight. * Stir Fried Chicken; it was scrumptious especially the stir fried vegetables mixed with it. * Green Curry Chicken; not a fan of green curries so didn’t get a chance to try it. * Red Curry Prawns; I wish there was some tortilla to have it with. Amazingly awesome taste with right consistency made it charming to eat. * Egg Fried Rice; couldn’t eat due to the eggy smell in it * The Rice Guy; I loved the idea of a guy serving complimentary steaming hot, sticky rice with mains. They were best and light on stomach.
@fuchsiakitchen review part 1: After making waves in Karachi, Fuchsia Kitchen opened its door in Lahore almost 1 year ago. It was my third visit there but this time it was unlike the other two visits. I went with a bunch of MEW (Meat, Eat and Write) friends with evaluative eye. It’s a spacious, comfy and well managed platform in the foodies city with a warm reception power. This place is a perfect example of a true Pan Asian Dining. From the ambiance to the food to staff, Fuchsia serves as a desirable model for all eateries out there. Now coming towards the real thing i.e “FOOD” We began our meal with the choice of soup. I opted for Hot and Sour Soup with Prawns. It was great and perfect to have in Chilly Season. Meanwhile I was enjoying the pleasure of soup, the waiter came to take drinks order. I ordered Fuchsia Pina Colada. It had the right amount of coconut milk and pineapple with creamy texture. In starters we had: * Prawn Toast with Sesame Seeds; saltish prawn (minced) spread on crispy toast bed made it worth eating. * Dry Beef and Crispy Taro; combination of beef and crispy noodles was luscious. * Wasabi Prawns; were over spicy for me. * Prawn and Mushroom Dim-sum; it vanished away the moment I took it’s picture. Heard they were great too. * Jumbo Prawns: the first thing I tried as prawns are my weakness. And that sweet chilly sauce served along made me desired it more. But so many mains on it’s way that I stopped desiring for it. #fuchsiakitchen #fuchsiakitchenlahore #lahore #haliroad #gulberg #dha #mmalam #soup #starters #panasiandining #review #blog #blogger #jannatwaseem #janatwaseem #jskitchen
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