📍Cataratas del Iguazú


Caretos...qué seria de la vida si no pudieras reirte de ti mismo?
Viagem incrível ao seu lado ❤️
#Karatetrip n.44 📍Iguaçu waterfalls 🇦🇷 . (Yes, I know, not much karate about this post BUT today I walked 16km, that counts🤔) . Today I experienced the powerful waterfalls of Iguaçu. From the Argentinian side (Puerto de Iguazu) . Being out of the comfort zone has it benefits: LIFE! And with ‘out of the comfort zone’ I mean being out there, making your dreams come true, without excuses. . While I am traveling I am constantly ON. Everyday I need to think where to go, where to sleep, how to come from A to B, where to practice karate or do some training, what to eat... and all the time carry my life with me 🎒 . Backpacking low cost is not easy, far from that! But it helps me to be aware and conscious in every single step. Totally in love with this experience, the good and ‘the complicated’ ones 😝 . Today’s resume:✨ 1. Waking up in Foz. Find a laundry (mission failed, too expensive, lets wait to the next host) 2. Get ready, leave the backpacks in the little hotel and leave. 3. Change some money to Pesos Argentinos (mistake, don’t change in Brasil to pesos Arg, because they will charge you 10 dollars and anyway you can still pay with reales or card in the park) 4. Take a bus to Puerto Iguazú (pasando por migración) then a ‘colectivo’ or taxi to the Park. 5. Enjoy the energy and walk 10km surrounded by magic 6. Back home: Bus + bus + walk. 7. Get the backpacks from the little hotel and find a way to get to Ciudad del Este - Paraguay 🇵🇾 8. After a few failures: we did it! We found a bus to the frontier, we crossed walking. And Jose, our new couchsurfer, pick us up! 9. Chill out in Jose’s apartment, make a new travel friend and share this with you. ✅ ✅ ✅ . Other wonderful day to be grateful. Thanks Yagmur, for sharing this days of adventure! . #backpacker #lifeontheroad #lifeabroad #chopwoodcarrywater #gratitudejournal #freedom #cataratas #cataratasdoiguaçu #puertoiguazu #maravillasdelmundo #naturaleza #conscioustravel #travelblog #livethelifeyoulove #doitwithpassion
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