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"The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind."-H.P. Lovecraft
"Home Sweet Home" #1327
I legitimately have the BEST fans on the planet 😍 thank you! #wweontario #doitwithflair 👸 @paintedbymarcy
I wish I could edit the damn speaker off the wall.
Ladies it’s okay to embrace the body you were born with. Doesn’t matter what us men like. Or what the strip club manager says. Or how big your man side chick ass is. You’re the ones who’ll have to deal with the repercussions of a surgery gone bad. Is It Worth Your Life? #ARMUZIC #TMT #TBE #DrinkWaterMindYourBizness #YizzoWusPoppin #ImaniAshleyDesigns #AllahIsMerciful
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Que sua semana seja abençoada por Deus❣! Segue: @michellebolsonaro_
Chop that arm off 🔪💉💦 ~ 📸 @trottersjewellers 🔗 #IFLW
The girls teaching uncle Joe some tunes 🎹
Our very own Turbo Man, Randy Jennings, at the Hollenbeck Youth Center for the annual toy giveaway with @schwarzenegger 🎅🏼🎁😀 — #arnold #schwarzenegger #arnoldschwarzenegger #theoak #austrianoak #fanclub #turboman #turbotime #hollenbeckyouthcenter #toys #arnoldisnumerouno #arnieslife #thearnoldfans
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@pms is hilarious 😂
Good to be home from a weekend of #FlatBackin around the World 🌎, from Canada 🇨🇦 to Las Vegas .... Home 🏠 is what keeps us #OverBrotheringBrothers grounded.. @sillycycy loves his @Bengals #BuildABear thanks to @b.blair24 , but I think Daddy just stole it.. 😂 It’s good to be alive, babes 🙏🍣🍷🍻
Colégio Militar 🔰 Caminhando nos corredores e conhecendo as instalações do primeiro Colégio Militar em Duque de Caxias. #ColégioMilitar #RiodeJaneiro #DeputadaEstadual #AlanaPassos #JairBolsonaro #Presidente #FlavioBolsonaro #Senador
When they L I N K 🐼 #SaturdayNightsBeLike
Audacious and without precedent: @artisansdegeneve "La Montoya", a modified Daytona, designed in collaboration with Juan Pablo Montoya (@jpmonty2 ). ⠀ ⠀ "The more you look at it, the more you like it."⠀ Juan Pablo Montoya⠀
Espero que Dios te haya tomado en sus brazos con un gran abrazo igual que el de tu mamá. Este mundo no fue para ti, angelito. Tu mereces un mundo en donde adultos no discutan por qué o por qué no deberían haberte dejado morir. Espero que estés descansando amorsito. Y quiero que sepas, aunque nunca tendré la oportunidad de decírtelo, que aquí abajo vamos a seguir luchando por ti. Por todos los niños que esta administración ha tratado de borrar. JAMÁS pudieran. Estoy rezando por tu familia, que proablemente ni siquiera saben que te han matado. Ni me puedo imaginar el miedo y dolor que han sufrido. Es horrible lo que permitimos que les pase a los niños en este país. A los seres humanos en este mundo. Descansa en paz y luz Angelito. Di su nombre. Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin. I pray that God has taken you in its arms and given you a great big hug just like your mom’s. This world wasn’t for you, little angel. You deserve to live in a world where adults don’t argue about why or why not they should have let you die. I hope that you are finally at peace, amorsito. And I want you to know, although I’ll never have the opportunity to tell you, that down here we’re going to keep fighting for you. For all the children that this administration thought they could erase. They COULD NEVER. I’m praying for your family, who probably doesn’t even know that you were murdered. I can’t imagine the pain and fear they have suffered. It is horrendous what we allow to happen to children in this country. What we allow to happen to humans in this world. Rest In Peace and light little angel. Say her fucking name and learn to pronounce it if you can’t. Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin. Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin. Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin. #ABOLISHICE #THEYKILLCHILDREN #THEYRECAGINGHUMANS #YOUREPAYINGFORIT #KNOWYOURHISTORY #FUCKTRUMP
My first job at @wwe was modeling merch! Did anyone else have this awesome Rockers tee??? #TBT
Tag a friend who loves Paul Walker💙 ————————————— #forpaul #paulwalker #rippaulwalker #fastfamily #angelwalker #ripangelwalker #blueeyedangel #seeyouagain #rideordie #foreverbemissed 💔😭angel😢 #foreverrememberedbuster ♥️😢😢 #forpaul 🖤 #teampw
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